Climbing Tomorrow

Sunday, April 19, 2020

7:30 PM

The Kravis Center

1 hour and 55 minutes

Program Notes

© 2019 Aaron Grad

Three outsiders, representing three different centuries and cultures, affirm the limitless possibilities of music: Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony, composed amid a period of personal anguish, traces a journey from despair to hope; In Gershwin’s Piano Concerto, a young Jewish-American songwriter tests his mettle on the home turf of Mozart and Beethoven; With her recent orchestral score, Climbing Tomorrow, the Korean-born composer HyeKyung Lee engages with the aspirations of the future-you, seeking something higher…

Concert Highlights

  • Guest conductor David Zinman leads the orchestra.
  • Guest pianist Misha Dichter performs Gershwin's Concerto in F.
  • HyeKyung Lee's Climbing Tomorrow premiered in 2018 at the Eastern Music Festival and was conducted by Palm Beach Symphony Music Director Gerard Schwarz. It will be the first performance of this piece in Florida.


HyeKyung Lee Climbing Tomorrow
Gershwin Concerto in F

What You'll Hear