Earth Tones

Thursday, March 19, 2020

7:30 PM

Rosarian Academy

1 hour and 35 minutes

Program Notes

© 2019 Aaron Grad

In Paul Creston’s singular concerto for accordion, the American son of Sicilian immigrants lifted the humble squeezebox from European sidewalks to the world’s loftiest concert halls. Another overlooked American, David Diamond, drew on the age-old technique of singing in “rounds” to create one of the most enduring and attractive works of mid-century modernism. Memories of Italy, with its bright sunshine and fiery people, informed the vibrant and wild energy of Mendelssohn’s Fourth Symphony.

Concert Highlights

  • Music Director Gerard Schwarz leads the orchestra.
  • Guest soloist Hanzhi Wang performs the unusual Accordion Concerto by Paul Creston, a self taught Italian American composer.
  • The featured recording of Diamond's Rounds for String Orchestra was conducted by Gerard Schwarz during his tenure as Music Director of the Seattle Symphony.


Diamond Rounds for String Orchestra
Creston Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra
Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 in A Major

Featured Artists

Gerard Schwarz, Music Director

Hanzhi Wang, accordion

What You'll Hear