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One Small Step

Free Virtual Family Concert

Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM

One Small Step is an interactive concert with music, dance, and narration appropriate for people of all ages.


One Small Step for A Man, One Giant Leap for Rock Kind!

Over fifty years ago, a brave American man stepped out of a landing craft onto the surface of the moon and made history. With the help of the Demetrius Klein Dance Company and four exciting pieces of all-American music, Palm Beach Symphony brings that indelible moment of Milky Way magic to the stage through an interactive concert in which students will literally take part in exploring such scientific concepts as the Earth’s rotation, gravity and telescope viewing. All this while thrilling to a powerful Copland fanfare, the soaring themes of Star Wars and sharing the adventures of a very special resident of Earth’s satellite, Rocky de Luna, an inquisitive moon rock.

With a special narrative accompanied by the music of Copland’s A Lincoln Portrait, students will meet Rocky as she hitches a ride with two friendly NASA astronauts on the Apollo 11 lunar module en route back to planet Earth. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin show Rocky some out-of-this-world views of the moon, help define the moon’s place in the solar system, describe how the moon affects all life on Earth ... and leave Rocky with a sense of wonder and pride in her “rockdom”!

Why not take One Small Step with the symphony, and join us for this spectacular performance?

Individual tickets go on sale August 1, 2020.


Virtual Field Trip for Schools

February - March 2021

Plan ahead and book your virtual field trip and Q&A session early.

Palm Beach County - Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Reservations for your school group can be made directly through the Kravis Center Website. Click here to learn more.

The One Small Step Curriculum Guide is a resource for teachers when preparing students for the performance. The Guide contains classroom activities and lessons aligned with state curriculum standards.

Click here to view the Curriculum Guide ---->

Sponsored by The Paul and Sandra Goldner Conservatory of Music.

Virtual Workshops for 4th Grade Classes

As part of the One Small Step program, a select group of fourth-grade classes will have an opportunity to heighten their experience through pre- and post- concert virtual workshops. Students will explore earth in space and time, as well as forms of energy in these four exceptional arts-integrated workshops (2 pre- and 2 post-), which connect the 4th grade science curriculum with national core arts standards.

Pre-Concert Virtual Workshops
  1. Music Workshop (partnership with Demetrius Klein Dance Company):
    Through music and movement, students will explore the concepts of telescope, rotation, revolution, and gravity in varying degrees and in relation to objects, themselves, and planets.
  2. Science Workshop (collaboration with South Florida Science Center andAquarium):
    Astronaut video - Students will learn about traveling in space and what it takes to be an astronaut.
Post-Concert Virtual Workshops
  1. Music Workshop (partnership with Demetrius Klein Dance Company):
    Through music and movement, students review concepts presented in the virtual concert production and more deeply explore the moon’s reflection, orbit, axis, and the dark side of the moon.
  2. Science Workshop (collaboration withSouth Florida Science Center and Aquarium):
    Exciting Electrons - Students will discuss magnetism, circuits, and have an opportunity to witness electrifying demonstrations that include multi-color plasma, spectrum tubes, Tesla coil, and Van deGraaff generator.

These pre- and post-concert workshops are funded through a generous grant and made available free of charge to 4th grade classes in Palm Beach County Title 1 schools. Limited funding available. Reserve workshops for your 4th grade classes by contacting the Symphony’s education department at ovazquez@palmbeachsymphony.org.

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