Community Outreach

Nurturing notes

Palm Beach Symphony Partners with Creative Arts Therapies of the Palm Beaches to connect all corners of the community through music. Through Nurturing Notes, our symphony musicians, and a certified music therapist from CATPB work with vulnerable and isolated populations throughout our community, such as seniors living in assisted living and memory care communities, at-risk children, Veterans and Holocaust Survivors with PTSD, and those receiving inpatient care for medical or mental health needs.

Musical masterpieces

Through our musical masterpieces project, we work with diverse populations all over the community, children and adults to turn unusable donated instruments into works of art. We partner with Organizations that hold art classes, donate the instruments, and the art students get the opportunity to create musical masterpieces! During the 2018-19 season, 40 instruments were donated to NAMI, ARC, and the ELS Center of Excellence.