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The Paul and Sandra Goldner Conservatory of Music

Palm Beach Symphony shares the gift of music through The Paul and Sandra Goldner Conservatory of Music.

Partially funded by a matching grant along with corporate sponsors and individual gifts, the Symphony offers vital music education programming which includes its Children's Concert Series, artist-in-residence programs, teacher resources, donated instruments, and an extensive collaboration with the Cox Science Center and Aquarium for STEAM Nights.

Palm Beach Symphony has worked diligently to expand and develop its music education initiatives and continues to increase its reach each year to students and school music programs throughout Palm Beach County.

“The Carnival of More Animals” is a fun and unique children’s concert conducted and arranged by Music Director Gerard Schwarz and performed by Palm Beach Symphony. Joining us for a newly created narrator role is Forrest Galante, television star and acclaimed animal conservationist, educator, and American outdoor adventurer.


Join us, the Palm Beach Symphony and Maestro Gerard Schwarz, as we embark on a newly imagined version of Sergei Prokofiev’s musical masterpiecegrandfather, the bird, the duck, the cat, and of course the wolf, all play instruments and unite, despite their differences, to create a unique orchestra for their community.  Beyond the pond and the meadow, under the twinkling lights of the town’s great wishing tree, the animals and characters come together for a magical performance of Prokofiev’s triumphal march, delighting the crowd and surprising each other with new and lasting friendships.

The adventures of Peter and the wolf

Eudora's Fable: The Shoe Bird is a musical fable written for children's choir, narration, and orchestra. The work is based on the only children's book ever written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Eudora Welty, The Shoe Bird. First published in 1964, the story is considered a fanciful fable, like Aesop, about animals, containing a moral or lesson. While describing the many birds of the story, the music introduces and expands the audience's knowledge of the orchestra instruments by featuring the auxiliary instruments of the woodwind section. Composer Samuel Jones adapted the story to create the music and lyrics of Eudora's Fable: The Shoe Bird.

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Eudora's Fable: THE SHOE BIRD

Palm Beach Symphony presents lively chamber music concerts enhanced by enlightening narration by local musicians, historians, and scholars.

These informative and engaging chamber music programs provide both entertainment and learning.

Both Playing Still: The Dean of Afro-American Composers and Treasures from the Spanish Providencia are intended to be performed without intermission with a total running time of approximately 75 minutes for an adult audience. Either can be shortened to accommodate a school performance of 45-50 min, or as needed.

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Chamber Chats

Do you know a marvelous music teacher in Palm Beach County who deserves some extra recognition? Students, parents, colleagues and members of the community are invited to nominate local instrumental music teachers for the title of Palm Beach Symphony Instrumental Music Teacher of the Year.

Teachers can be nominated for such things as their outstanding instructional technique, ability to nurture talent and ability for connecting with and inspiring their students.

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Instrumental Music
Teacher of the Year

Through a yearly audition process, Palm Beach Symphony awards one to three high school seniors in Palm Beach County who are planning to pursue a degree program in music with an advanced level instrument. Each student recipient will work closely with Palm Beach Symphony to identify, test, and select the ideal instrument, enabling them to further their studies and share their music with others into the future.

The award was renamed in the second year of the program in honor of Lisa Bruna, for her talents as a writer, her passion for helping others and her significant contributions to the Palm Beach Symphony.

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Lisa Bruna B-Major Award

Do you have an instrument at home collecting dust and not being played? Give new life to your instrument by giving it a new home. Palm Beach Symphony happily accepts donations of professional or amateur quality orchestral instruments for needy young musicians.We ensure the instruments meet performance standards and then donate them to underserved Kindergarten – 12th grade students or school music programs in Palm Beach County.

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Instrument Donation PROGRAM

Palm Beach Symphony musicians present lecture demonstrations by performing select pieces and speaking about the music, the instrument, the composer, and their background and life as a musician. These unique opportunities help familiarize students with the instruments of the orchestra, the musicians, and the music they perform. Lecture Demonstrations may be presented in a variety of formats with a solo musician, duo, trio, quartet, or quintet.

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Lecture Demonstrations and
in-school concerts

A masterclass is an individual coaching session by a master musician in front of an audience, a class, or in public. Student musicians will perform a prepared piece for expert feedback on areas for improvement, including musical technique, style, interpretative qualities, presentation, and overall musicality.

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Student musicians learn technique, tone, posture, and proper instrument position in small group settings with professional Palm Beach Symphony instrument instructors. During the last portion of the session, the students come together in a large group to work on ensemble balance rehearsing alongside our PBS musicians.

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Coaching Sessions

Palm Beach Symphony collaborates with the Cox Science Center and Aquarium in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) nights, implemented by the Palm Beach County public school system. By incorporating the musical arts, PBS provides additional music activities, transforming STEM to STEAM (adding the A for Arts.)

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STEAM Nights

education resources

Palm Beach Symphony has compiled music education resources for teachers, students, and parents that include instructional videos from our musicians, worksheets, and more!


2022-23 Featured Season Sponsors

2022-23 Featured Season Sponsors