Music Activity Sheets

Download activity sheets that can be used for at home family projects and individual music learning.

Be sure to check back for more fun activities in the future!

Music Activity #1: Match Them Up

Unscramble letters to form the names of each instrument part, then match the instruments with their corresponding parts.

Music Activity #2: Bow, Strike, or Blow

Draw a box through the instruments you bow, circle through the instruments you blow, and an “X” through the instruments you strike. Name each instrument on the line.

Music Activity #3: American Composer of the Week

Have each member of your family choose one American composer from a list, compile research, create a listening station, and take turns sharing what you learned with your family members each week.

Music Activity #4: Name the Stringed Instruments

Ten stringed instruments are shown. Write the name of the each instrument under its picture, and choose which instruments are used in the symphony orchestra.

Music Activity #5: All In the Family

Give these instruments a home. Write the name of each instrument under the family to which it belongs. Use the diagram of the orchestra to help you identify the instruments.

Music Activity #6: Be a Woodwind Wizard

Match each instrument with its name by writing the identifying letters on the blank.

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