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Instrument Donation

Do you have an instrument at home collecting dust and not being played? Give new life to your instrument by giving it a new home! Palm Beach Symphony happily accepts donations of professional or amateur quality band and orchestral instruments for needy young musicians.

We ensure the instruments meet performance standards and then donate them to underserved Kindergarten – 12th grade students or school music programs in Palm Beach County. The instruments come fully equipped with appropriate accessories, such as bows, rosin, reeds, and mouth pieces, and are sanitized on site by masked instrument technicians. Once sanitized, the instrument case isn't opened until it is delivered to the student recipient.

Donate an Instrument

To donate an instrument, please provide your name, email, phone number, instrument type/make/brand, condition, and other pertinent information. If possible, attach photos. Please send the information to the Symphony directly by clicking here or call the Symphony administrative office at 561-655-2657.

Available Inventory

• Acoustic Classical Guitar, Handmade by Palmer España, Michelle

• Acoustic Guitar, First Act 222, AL 362

• Travel Classical Guitar Case by Mark Leaf, #4107

• Electric Guitar by C.F. Martin, Stinger, #J4040036, with Warwick rock bag case

• Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar with case by Wright, Soloette, #122

• Electric Guitar by BC Rich, KKW, #F01084208, with Planet Waves fire guitar strap

• Electric Guitar, Cabo Wabo, red

• Amp, Line 6 Spider 2112, #S211P5407006581, with connection cable

• Mini Amp, Honey Tone Danelectric, with small connection cable

• Guitar Strap (Police Line, Do Not Cross)

• Guitar Stand, Single Floor

• Bb clarinet, Buffet Crampon RC Professional Bb Clarinet, European Model, silver plated keys, poly-cylindrical bore, full Boehm system

w/low Eb key, articulated G#/C# key & alternate LH Eb/Ab key, circa 1980, leather case (professional)

• Electric Guitar, Jay Turser w/Peavy soft case

• Recorder, Wooden Recorder

• Recorder, Plastic Recorder

• Violin, Label: Antonio Stradiuarius  Cremonen FJS 1718

• Violin, 4/4 Roger A. Stearns 2003 Model # SC-100

Music Books

  • Cello American Standards, 12 Solo Arrangements with CD Accompaniment (Play Along Series)
  • The World’s Most Famous Melodies, Cello 14 Solo Arrangements with CD Accompaniment (Play Along Series)
  • The Cello Soloist, Solo Pieces for Violoncello and Piano, cello part (Music Minus One)

Nominate a Student / Submit an Instrument Request

Please fill out the form below or click here to submit your nomination directly to the Symphony. Nominators must be a music teacher and/or private music instructor.

Instrument Nomination Form

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