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Lisa Bruna B-Major Award

Through an annual audition process, Palm Beach Symphony awards one to three high school seniors with an advanced level instrument.  Students must reside in Palm Beach County, intend to major in music, and pursue their undergraduate studies at a university, college, or conservatory.

The award was renamed in the second year of the program in honor of Lisa Bruna for her talents as a writer, her passion for helping others, and her significant contributions to the Palm Beach Symphony.


Student nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Student must be a current high school senior
  • Student must be a resident of Palm Beach County
  • Student must be planning to enter a music degree program at a university or institution of higher education
  • Student must present with a financial need. See requirements noted below.
  • Student must be in good academic standing
  • Student must be nominated by a music teacher or private instructor who believes the student will thrive as a music major in college

Nomination and Selection Process

The next round of nominations will be accepted in the fall of 2024

  • Nominators must be a music teacher and/or private music instructor.
  • Nominators must complete the nomination form (available below) and submit it by Sunday, November 19, 2023. Please note that submitting the student's resume with the nomination form is highly recommended though not required.
  • The student's resume must be submitted by Sunday, November 19, 2023. Please email to bseliger@palmbeachsymphony.org
  • Parents of a nominated student must submit their most recent 2022 tax returns by Sunday, November 19, 2023. Both parents should submit these documents whether they are filing jointly or individually. This is to prove financial need. Please email to bseliger@palmbeachsymphony.org If tax return(s) of parents are not available, please send an email outlining such.
  • Students must prepare two contrasting musical works for an audition in front of a panel of judges. If a student does not have two contrasting works prepared, they may play one musical work and one etude.
  • Auditions/interviews will be held at the Symphony offices in early December.
  • Winner(s) will have the opportunity to select and test a variety of instruments in order to choose the best fit. The goal is for the student to have the instrument for practice prior to their college auditions.
  • Winner(s) will be invited to attend the Palm Beach Symphony Annual Gala on March 6, 2024 where the official awarding of the instrument will take place.

Congratulations to the following past Lisa Bruna B-Major Award winners:

2024 Winners

Kara Ravaschieri, flute - 1st Place Winner

Arturo Dekle, French horn - 2nd Place Winner

Jose Aguilar, clarinet - 3rd Place Winner

2023 Winners

Julianna Bramble, viola - 1st Place Winner

Bobbi Zimmerman, clarinet - 2nd Place Winner

Makens Joseph, tuba - 3rd Place Winner

2022 Winners

Dion Sellitti, baritone saxophone - Winner

Ellen Dahlstrom, oboe - Runner-Up

2021 Winners

Anabella Paolucci, violin - Winner

Derek Janoff, clarinet - Winner

Paul Stancampiano - Runner-Up

2020 Winners

Abigail McNutt, violin - Winner

Samuel Soliz, alto saxophone - First Runner-Up

2019 Winner

Valentina Paolucci, violin - Winner

Questions? Contact Bryce Seliger at bseliger@palmbeachsymphony.org

Lisa Bruna B-Major Award Nomination Form

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